Thursday, 26 June 2014

Password Management Tool Manages All Your Passwords Securely

Password Management is a real hectic job. There are a huge number of websites available. To access all the services of the websites, a user is required to create an account. Naturally, an account will have a user name and password to allow the user to log in to it securely. A single person has got so many accounts whose user names and passwords are all varied. Some websites offer to use the email id as the login name. But still, you need a password. The password need not be the same everywhere. It is not easy to remember so many passwords. So, what do you do? You cannot click on the password reset link and keep resetting your password each time you need to log in. there needs to be a permanent solution to this issue. Well, Ilantus Express offers the best idea to take care of all your passwords.

The Password Management Tool offered by Ilantus puts an end to all your woes by taking up the responsibility to manage your passwords. Using the Password Express tool by Ilantus, users are able to access and authenticate their credentials in all kinds of SaaS and enterprise applications. This tool is able to integrate all the different frameworks. It offers a reduced sign on and synchronizes automatically across the enterprise systems.

The features of the Password Management Tool are:

• BYOD The users are offered multiple channels for resetting passwords, unlocking their accounts, and even managing the passwords. A web enabled device is enough for this. Any mobile browser or tablet browser is used.

• Unlock OS The OS accounts can be unlocked directly from the login screens. This is applicable for Windows and Mac.

• Multi-Factor Authentication Google authenticator, SMS one-time passwords, and RSA SecurID systems are used to incorporate multifactor authentication.

• Batch Onboarding Implementation time is decreased and the adoption of the tool is increased by onboarding the users from HR applications batch wise.

• Synchronization Multiple target applications and platforms can be synchronized with the tool automatically. A single password policy is used across the enterprise.

• Active Directory Integration A reverse password sync agent based on filtering is featured by integrating with the Active Directory.

The Password Express enables effective Password Management with assurance of security. It saves your accounts from unwanted access and hackers, and makes account access easier. You can use a single sign in software to sign in to multiple accounts at the same time. This saves time, and also the need to sign in multiple times. You are not required to enter your password anywhere else, which makes sure your password remains secure and safe. Manage your passwords easily with Ilantus Express.kes sure your password remains secure and safe. Manage your passwords easily with Ilantus Express.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Navy Challenge Coins – Interesting Gift for Loved Ones in the Armed Forces

If you are looking for an interesting and treasured gift for a war veteran, go for custom challenge coins. Wondering what these coins are and how they are different from the usual coins in circulation? Navy challenge coins are special coins that feature the insignia or logo of an organization. If the coin belongs to the armed forces, then it could carry the emblem of the battalion or the regiment. The coins are made from a variety of materials, including iron, copper and bronze.

These coins are generally collected by the people who were in some way related to the defense. But, these days navy challenge coins are being collected by most history buffs and those who have an interest in coin collection. Sometimes these coins are also exchanged as a mark of friendship and respect.

So, coming back to the point of getting a great gift for a loved one in the armed forces, custom challenge coins are definitely a wonderful idea. You can find a lot of coins online. Though most of the coins are generally round shaped, you may find some with sharp corners and punched designs. In some coins, the shape of the emblem is cut out, making them look outstanding. You can find coins commemorating special occasions and unique one celebrating victories. From Navy school and leadership coins to veteran and special officer coins, there are hundreds of coin designs that you can choose from. But before you make your pick, you should do some homework to find out what kind of job your special friend did in the Navy. Also get some idea about his or her rank, position and their achievements in their field of work.

These custom challenge coins can also be designed as a memorabilia. Add a link chain to the coin and put in a ring, you have a keychain with a challenge ring. Your friend can use this keychain every day, reminding them of you constantly. On the other hand, you can also use it as a pendant and attach it to a small chain. So, your loved one can wear your gift close to his or her heart. It can also be attached to a silver or gold string to create a unique bracelet.

Whether you give the navy challenge coin as a single piece or design it as a jewelry piece, it is definitely a gift that your special someone will cherish for life.